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Healthline is one of the leading medical transcription companies. Healthline is in the business of Medical Transcription, Medical Coding and Medical Billing. We are also into other related services like Data Entry and Document Conversion. Healthline maintains its competitiveness by committing a level of service that is unmatched and delivering quality consistently to its Clients.

Today’s market being extremely competitive it is imperative that a business focuses on its core competencies. This is the guiding factor that Healthline concentrates upon. We strongly focus on our areas of expertise and at the same time we bring in new technologies and processes and try to inculcate more efficient ways to do things.

Healthline has excellent Human Resource which includes well trained Medical Transcriptionists, Proofers, QAs, & Medical Coders. Our people are trained in-house using modern training methods. Healthline strictly complies with HIPAA and signs a HIPAA Security Agreement at the time of recruitment and reviews it at intervals.